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How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

8 Feb 2012

How Much Does it Cost?

Basically, at Melbourne Bariatrics Peninsula, the total Gap fee for

+ a Band is usually around $3000,

+ a Sleeve around $6000,

+ a Bypass just under $7000,

+ and revision surgery around $8000.


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If you have your weight loss surgery with Mr Geoffrey Draper at Melbourne Bariatrics Peninsula, all follow up is bulk billed.

If you have your Gastric Band with Mr Geoffrey Draper at Melbourne Bariatrics Peninsula, all your Adjustments are also bulk billed.

Once you have paid this Surgery Gap Fee, all other fees from the surgeon and assistant surgeon will be Gap Free, even if you need further surgery years after the initial operation.

We no longer offer no gap Bands.

When you are comparing the expected costs at different weight loss surgery centres, be aware that the fees at some centres do not cover the same itmes. At Melbourne Bariatrics these items are covered by the one off gap fee, and are frequently not included at other centres.

All follow up appointments with the surgeon are bulk billed including adjustments of Gastric Bands.

Any re-operation or subsequent procedure related to the weight loss surgery is done without a gap fee from the surgeon, Anaesthetist or assistant.

The quoted Gap fee is then total Gap for the surgeon, dietitian, anaesthetist and surgeons assistant

The Gap fees for weight loss surgery at Melbourne Bariatrics Peninsula are outlined in the table. These are only estimates and changes may apply without notice.


This is the TOTAL FEE PAYABLE PREOPERATIVELY AND IS THE GAP FEE. It comprises Surgeon fee, Surgeons Assistant Fee, Anaesthetists fee, and Dietitians programme fee.

Gastric Bands:

All follow up consultations and adjustments with Mr Draper are bulk billed. In other words, there is no follow up out of pocket fee.

Surgeons Fee and Surgeons Assistant Fee.

The surgeon and assistant will charge this gap fee only once to any patient. If revision surgery is required for any reason, there will not be any additional gap fee charged by the surgeon or assistant surgeon, including if this is years after the original surgery. Other service providers and clinicans may or may not charge gap fees. This is not legally binding.

Revision Surgery:

This Gap fee is only charged to patients who have had the primary weight loss surgery preformed by another surgeon. If this surgery is planned as a 2-stage procedure, the fee is applied once.

Dietitian Programme Fee:

This fee covers the preoperative advice, post operative advice and review advice sessions but excludes the initial consultation fee. If you obtain an “Enhanced Primary Care” Plan from your General Practitioner you will be eligible to claim $50.95 from Medicare for each postoperative dietitian appointment attended. Total of $152.85 rebate.

Hospital Costs

Please ring the hospital to obtain estimated hospital costs.
(Peninsula Private Hospital 97883466, Epworth Eastern Medical Centre 98957511)

Additional Costs

Pathology Services are likely to be required during your episode of care.
Radiology Services are likely to be required during your episode of care.

Financial consent is obtained prior to proceeding with the operation.

This is an estimate only. It does not cover the services provided by other doctors (including radiologists or pathologists), nor other costs associated with your stay in hospital or day surgery unit (such as accommodation, pharmacy, physiotherapy etc). In the event of unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary to arrange additional medical services which might result in further charges to you.

This estimate is for patients with applicable Private Health Insurance.

It is recommended that patients maintain their private health insurance to enable comprehensive aftercare. All quotes are based on patients maintaining private health insurance.

Other conditions and limitations to this advice may apply.


Please Contact Melbourne Bariatrics on  03  9770  7189  for more information or to make an appointment
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