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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is the only effective way to achieve major and sustained weight loss.

Weight loss surgery effectively resolves most weight related conditions for the majority of people.

Weight Loss Surgery in Melbourne

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There are 3 main operations to consider:

1. Gastric Bands are the safest and have the smallest weight loss

2. Bypasses achieve the biggest weight loss and have the highest risk

3. Sleeves are in the middle in most respects.


Weight loss surgery has risks but is safer than remaining obese.

Weight loss surgery is a chance to have a life free from obesity.

It is your second chance at a healthy and active life.


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No Gap Gastric Band. At Melbourne Bariatrics we have a limited number of No Gap Gastric Bands per year. This means no out of pocket costs for the surgery itself.
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World leading diabetes experts recommend weight loss surgery be a priority for the treatment of diabetes for severely obese patients (BMI >35)
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